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Facts About the Avignon Festival

Date Added: January 18, 2013 02:02:26 AM

The Avignon Festival is considered as one of the longest-running theater festivals all over the world. It is an annual celebration where theater companies from France and foreign suits go to the city of Avignon to showcase their works to more than 100,000 audiences. The Festival started way back in 1947, when Jen Vilar was asked by government officials to present his play Murder in the Courtyard. The staging of the play did not push through due to certain issues, but Vilar was able to present other plays that were equally worth the buzz. Since then, the Avignon Festival has been celebrated on a yearly basis.


Situated along the left bank of the Rhone River, the city of Avignon is home to many Avignon hotels that offer luxury accommodations to tourists and travelers. Apart from the hotels, the city is home to many spectacular sights that can truly take your breath away. Also known as the City of Popes because it had once housed the seat of Papacy and had been the chosen residence of Pope Clement V, Avignon is home to many magnificent cathedrals that have been built during the ancient times. These cathedrals, one of which is the Palais des Papas, have been preserved even until these modern times, making Avignon an even more interesting place to visit especially by those who love to know the history and culture of ancient France. Added to this fact, Avignon is home to the world-famous Avignon Festival, which is anticipated by theater fanatics all over the world. Any theater lover would long to experience the excitement and entertainment offered by this once-a-year-celebration in the south of France.

The Avignon Festival

The Avignon Festival is an annual celebration of theater performances that span for three weeks. It takes place during the summer in France, from the 7th of July up to the 28th of the same month. During this time, the city is transformed into a great amphitheater since performances are held on almost twenty venues all around Avignon. Because of the length of the festivities and the additional places to visit, reserving an accommodation in a hotel Avignon is well worth it.


The Avignon Festival is classified into two categories, namely the “In” Festival and the “Out” Festival. The “In” Festival refers to the shows and performances that are accredited by the government’s appointed panel of organizers, including the city government of Avignon. These shows are regulated and are considered “official”. The “Out” Festival, on the other hand, is comprised of “unofficial performances”. Shows presented under this classification are not regulated by Avignon’s panel of organizers.

Both the “In” and “Out” Festivals provide a spectacular theater experience. They provide onlookers a peek of the beauty of France’s culture and the arts. Both celebrations can last for days, therefore, you might need to book a few days stay in a hotel to be able to enjoy the entire celebrations. You are planning a stay in the South of France? Also have a look at hotel orange.