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Date Added: March 19, 2009 07:58:56 AM

North of Sardinia and southeast France lays the French island of Corsica. This island is across the Mediterranean Sea and the fourth largest after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus.  Lying in the west of Italy, the island is only a collective territory by legislative judgment yet people address the island as a French region together with the country’s 26 regions.

Corsica is primarily a beach destination given its physical and topographical layout. The Ligurian Sea separates the island from mainland France although it’s habitually considered as part of Metropolitan France. The coastline of the island runs at a thousand kilometers of 200 beaches (the most famous is Santa Giulia Beach) making the place an instant tourist destination. Not only the island coastal shores make the place a tourist spot, its mountains and landscapes more than provide the place’s awesome view. Monte Cinto is the island’s tallest summit along 20 other mountains found here.

Given the expanse of the coast line that has the stretch of the Mediterranean, the island is best for beach fun and activities.  The place is a haven for swimming by day and a total happening outdoor beach parties at night. The island is packed with superb restaurants ready to serve hungry tourists tired of the day’s fun beach activities. Had enough of the waters? The island is also good for treks or hikes around the mountainous region, a favorite past time for visitors who want to see more of the place.

Nothing beats a perfect fun when the climate is so refreshing. Winters are mild in this region while summer is just enough to be dry. It doesn’t rain much often in the region too so the weather is just the way you want it to be. Natural vegetations give birth to woodlands, shrubs and forests. When it snows during the winter season, expect the mountain peaks to be beautifully covered in snow.

The scenic place makes its tourism to be the island’s primary source of revenue. Tourists come to the place to be cooled by the climate and to witness the superb coastlines and breathtaking mountains the island offers. There are so many visitors commonly the French and some other Western European tourists that are more and more coming to feel nature at Corsica. This is reason enough to put up plenty of vacation rentals and even hotels in order to accommodate these guests. Lodges for rent are also available at a lesser price, though there are also posh hotels for the well to do.

Corsica still needs a lot of further improvement to make the place more attractive compared to other Mediterranean islands nearby. Although the place would seem unpolished enough to a few tourists given the absence of modern day amenities, most of the tourists however, come to the place to experience nature in its purest state. This virgin island is a haven for nature lovers.

Since the place is so serene and quiet, it is best to come to the place during the Holy Week. A Lenten activity such as the yearly La Passion, a commemoration of Christ’s passion, is always celebrated during the season of Lent. For the month of February, Corsica celebrates Renno’s A Tumbera, a festivity associated with the mountain pig variety within the island. During the 2nd day of June, Corsica celebrates the feast for the blessings of the fishing boats, and in July, for celebrating the wines.