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Coast to Coast: The Seaside and Beaches of France

Date Added: October 10, 2013 07:56:26 PM

From the north to the south, France has some fine waters to brag about. What's more wonderful is that these coasts each have their distinct charm to show for, and that leaves tourists with some really tough decision-making to do. If you are wondering which French region will best serve you, here's a look at what each of them has to bring to the table.

Ultimate Relaxation in the North

The coasts of Le Touquet, found north facing the English Channel, are a sight to see for tourists seeking a peaceful and totally relaxing beach experience. The sand dunes in the beaches of Le Touquet are what set it aside from the other ones, but this is just physically speaking. The services one can receive from this popular resort town are truly the cherry on top of the cake. Visit Le Touquet Kyriad hotel and you'll know just what that means. In most of these hotels, the view is just stunning and the accommodation is no doubt one of the best. There's a spa treatment that is unique in this area, and there are also a lot of activities both the young and young at heart can enjoy.

Human and Nature Touch Southwest

Southward, one can find long sandy beaches along Gironde. The waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean are just one part of the tour package. Behind the beaches, you can trek into the pine forests and get yourself a taste of nature. The shores are also typically found amid small towns and villages. While that may mean crowding for some, it may mean something more special to other tourists. Having locals around while you lounge in the beach is a totally great way to dive into the local culture and give depth to your beach experience.

Absolute Fun in the South

Down south, the coasts are more attractive, prompting more people to visit. From Nice to the east and Toulon to the west, you will not find a scarcity in people on the beaches of the French Riviera. Stay in one of the many Nice hotels that line the shores and see for yourself how busy this part of the country can be, especially during the summer. In this city, the parties never stop and the abundance of people just fuels the exciting activities that constantly go on along the shores and elsewhere nearby the beach.
You might also rather stay at the hotel Kyriad in Cannes if you prefer your summer getaway with less people and milder fun.