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Campaign Donations: for a Happy Dad

Date Added: April 14, 2011 11:54:33 PM

That year, a father is suffering from a serious disease of the blood and is forced to stop working. There are to date no curative treatment of the disease and surgery is still too risky. The only possible remedy of this brave man lies in treatment so-called "comfort" to relieve her pain.

To continue to fight and find motivation everyday, this father to decided to create his own social networking site to allow the contacting of millions of people around the world. A work full of common sense and good feelings.

Goodies could be a huge platform that would:

  • to chater between friends
  • to watch videos in streaming,
  • to listen to music,
  • to play but also,
  • to disseminate his CV,
  • propose its advertising,
  • and meet with advertisers.


And this is only a small overview of the capabilities of this site!

Unfortunately it should be noted that in 2011 discrimination against sick people still exists. In effect, and although all Lese this shameful practice, banks continue to deny Bank loans to people with serious diseases. No justification exists to such injustice! Refuse a man the only way that he find a dignity and a social utility is simply inhuman.

That is why this man today need your solidarity.

Father of family in need of your help and your support to carry out its project and continue to have a place in society. Its success would also allow it to support his family in better conditions.

Then if this story you to hit, if this project engages you, do not hesitate to show you with its founder. Any form of support will be welcome.

That technical, legal or economic support its recipient will appreciate it and you to be thankful.