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Belgrade Vacation Rentals

Date Added: March 01, 2009 01:24:35 AM


Belgrade being Serbias largest city with a population of over one and a half million people, is located in the the northern half of the country close to where the rivers Danube and Sava meet. Since the ending of the war Begrade has being totally rebuilt and now offers a widely varying selection of architecture, a real mixture of old and new.

Belgrade dates back further than most other European cities. Archeological digs have uncovered traces of settlements dating back as far as 6th century believed to be Greek, but the Celts and Romans also played a part.

Today Belgrade is home to many different nationalities from around the world, with the Chinese being the biggest ethnic group with around 20,000 living in Belgrade alone, and they even have an official Chineses quarter.

Belgrade is home to several thousand Indonesians as well as a huge influx of middle easterners from countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq and Jordan.

Many thousands of foreign students arriived over the the last 20-30 years and never left having started families, so Serbia is becoming a real melting pop.

The Tourist Trade

Belgrade relies heavely on tourists and offers quite a lot to see and do and a nightlife second to none, with many night clubs throughout the city open until dawn.

Some of the top sights for visitors  are the many historic areas and buildings and include the National Museum and it's next door neighbour the National Theatre. But if it's views you are looking for, check out the The hilltop Avala Monument from where you have amazing views all over the city.

Of course there are hundreds if not thousands of places to eat, drink and have a bit of fun as well as parks to sit and relax and if you like shopping  there are plenty to keep any shopaholic busy.

The Royal palace Beli Dvor or White Palace home to the Royal family is open to the public and is worth a visit as it houses many fine works from some of the world famous artists including Rembrandt.

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