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Barbie games as a part of kids depelopment process

Date Added: January 26, 2012 03:24:00 AM

Well, all this is happening because your child wants to learn new things, and they will copy you in all your actions because you are the first model for them. I have an online job so I stay online on my PC almost all day long. As I have two little girls one born in 2006 and the other in 2009, they are very little and curious. Everytime I get up from my computer my girls jump on it and they try to open girls games websites. If you have girls, I'm sure you will be asked every day to let them play computer games for girls.

Then enter websites where you find barbie games, bratz games, make up and dress up games and so on. Once you are there just search with your kid a good educational game from the big list of games. If your girls prefer dress up games and makeover games just search online for this type of websites and follow their wishes. Do not forget these games can be a significant step in the process of preschool education for your child. Every single game from this categories will develop one of your child's skills, let's see how:

Nursing games will awake the mother protection instinct in your little girl and care for a smaller brother or sister. Games with animals will awake the pet love in your little girl and the care for the pets. Different dress up games with Barbie and Bratz dolls or any other princess or fairy, will awake the fashion instinct in your kids. Puzzle games will enhance the brain activity of your child and improve memory and attention. Room decor games will awake the concern for order and clean for their room. Cooking games will teach your kids the pleasure to be a cook and prepare tasty meals for others. Funny math games will familiarize your child with math and teach them what is math as fun for the first time and more seriously after. All this math games will improve your kids brain activity and will enhance memory capacity, ultimately increase your kids IQ coefficient and your kid will be smarter.

Always choose dress up games they like the most, but don't forget the education factor existing in this activity and the benefit for your child. It’s important to choose a game along with your kid not only you, why? because you need to let your child make decisions by himself without your help. If you will not choose every game along with him, your child will be apathetic and will not participate in this process of learning through play.